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Sharing Our Light at Chanukah Groove

December 13, 2019

An additional mitzvah to that of lighting the Chanukah candles is pirsum hanes – publicly proclaiming the miracle by placing the chanukiyah in the window of one’s home rather than inside the home. The intention of this mitzvah is to share the miracle of Chanukah. In doing this, we have the opportunity to share our light with the outside world. The concept of pirsum hanes adds meaning to our Chanukah celebrations by shaping how we tell our story and who we tell it to. We are given an invitation on Chanukah to spread our people’s story and light beyond our own home.

This weekend our larger community will gather at the MNjcc for the Groove event: Chanukah edition. This event draws close to 400 Jewish families and up to 1000 people. Paul Penna DJDS will have a prominent presence at the Groove event and have an opportunity to share our story with those in attendance. Through our people and activities we will highlight who we are and what we do, and hopefully show others in the community the tremendous value of a Paul Penna DJDS education. This Chanukah Groove event will allow us to shine our light in the window of our home for others to see. It is important that the story we tell is one that honors the values that are at the core of who we are, rather than just our external features. We need people to help tell our story; to share with other families the deep sense of community, diversity and individuality that is the essence of our school and infuses the excellent academic program in both Core and Judaic studies.

Please join us on Sunday if you are able, as it will be a fun and meaningful holiday experience, one where we have the opportunity to reach beyond our hallways. Like the mitzvah to place the chanukiyah in the window, we have an opportunity to help the light of our school shine bright in the community.

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