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Why a Middle School?

Why Now?

Expanding the School’s program by two years and creating a stand-alone Grade 6, 7 and 8 Middle School allows Paul Penna DJDS to best deliver against our vision. We are continuing the innovative and unique Paul Penna DJDS education through seminal, educational and Jewish periods in students’ lives and providing a compelling offering for downtown Jewish families.

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A Unique Opportunity

Jewish Middle School Education in Downtown Toronto

A Unique Opportunity for Downtown Middle School Education

Paul Penna DJDS is committed to welcoming every child who wants to receive a Jewish education, regardless of prior Hebrew or Judaic instruction.  We are an inclusive academic and social community for our students and families. Paul Penna DJDS is a CAIS-accredited independent school with a talented  faculty driving excellence in education.

Progressive education and high school readiness

Our graduates will enter high school prepared with the skills to engage in challenging academic learning, a strong Jewish identity, and a commitment to social justice. One of the core curricular pieces of the unique advisory program is a focus on moving to high school: choosing the right program, building the right study habits and developing the social skills to enter a new and larger environment with confidence to be socially successful. 

Our students and families develop a deep understanding of social justice and an education that enables them to make a positive impact on their Jewish, local, national, and global community.

We open the door to a diverse Jewish life and progressive education. As part of a downtown community, we engage with Toronto’s multicultural neighbourhoods, Indigenous organizations, museums, universities, and other places that expand our teaching beyond classroom walls.

Engaging and accessible Jewish education

The closeness of the Paul Penna DJDS community, and faculty excellence at facilitating meaningful, contemporary Jewish learning is particularly poignant in students’ B’nai Mitzvah year, building memories as they experience this Jewish milestone alongside their peers.

Our strong and engaging Judaics program is both versatile and flexible, ensuring that Hebrew language study is accessible from beginners all the way to fluent Hebrew speakers. 

Supportive and inclusive environment

As a small school, we have the capacity for staff and the administration to meet each student where they are. This means providing the opportunity for academic enrichment and support, enabling individual experiences, and providing a safe place for kids to explore their own identities.

Paul Penna DJDS believes in the intrinsic value of diversity both within and beyond the Jewish community. We welcome and honour Jewish children and their families from across the broad spectrum of practice and engagement.

Middle school years are important for shaping identities both as young adults and as Jewish people. Middle School at Paul Penna DJDS offers a social environment that provides a close peer group and a supportive opportunity for individual experiences.

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