The closeness of the Paul Penna DJDS community, and faculty excellence at facilitating meaningful, contemporary Jewish learning, is particularly poignant in students’ B’nai Mitzvah year, building memories as they experience this Jewish milestone alongside their peers.

Our strong and engaging Judaics program is both versatile and flexible, ensuring that Hebrew language study is accessible from beginners all the way to fluent Hebrew speakers. 


Hebrew is taught using an approach of differentiated learning and at multiple levels. New students to the school and those who have struggled to grasp the second language over their years are able to access language support through resource teachers and unique digital tools. Daily lessons focus on reading, writing and speaking while integrating learning on life in Israel. 


The Judaics program consists of multiple components including Tanakh (Biblical studies) Rabinics, Holidays and Parasha (weekly Torah portion) study and communal Shabbat celebrations. Our Judaic program instills the texts and traditions of our past with the goal of applying these concepts and ideas meaningfully into our modern daily lives. Furthermore, through cross-curricular competencies, our students are able to create, lead and engage in communal experiences during weekly Middle School Tefila (prayer) services.


Paul Penna Downtown
Jewish Day School
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Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2J2
(Located in the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre)


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