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Inclusivity and Empathy

The past week has been filled with anguish for our community as we have watched protests and riots unfold in cities throughout North America. Affirmed

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The Lockdown Challah

May 15, 2020 Do you remember March?  I mean the part of March before we went into lockdown. It seems so long ago. Tonight will

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November 29, 2019 This week’s parsha, Toldot (translated as ‘generations’), tells the story of the sibling rivalry between Jacob and Esau.  It sets in motion

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Perpetual Offering

October 4, 2019 This Rosh Hashana provided for interesting learning and reflection.  At synagogue, while listening to Rabbi Rothschild, I was introduced to the importance

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Grade 6 Leadership

May 24, 2019 Yesterday our school had a blast both on the field and in the gym.  Led by the Grade Six class, our students

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