Each year, our school warmly welcomes two young Israelis to the Paul Penna DJDS community.  We are delighted to partner with UJA Federation, the Downtown Jewish Community School, and The First Narayever Congregation on this fantastic initiative.  These teens have completed high school and have chosen to defer their army service in order to become Israeli ambassadors or ‘shlichim’, spending a year focused on presenting contemporary Israel to our students in passionate, creative ways.

Our two Shinshinim (“shin – shin” being the initials for ‘shnat sherut’ – year of service) interact formally with our students through weekly classroom visits, teaching concepts through meaningful, engaging activities. Informal opportunities for engagement such as Café Shinshinim, Shinshinim T.V. and exciting recess games continue to build the bond. This wonderful year together allows our students to see Israel through the lens of Israeli teens. Through their year with us, our beloved Shinshinim develop a deeper understanding of Jewish life in Toronto and our ties to the land of Israel. Many students stay in touch with our Shinshinim once they return to Israel, and the connections made during this memorable year remain strong.



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