One of the world’s preeminent museums of natural history and world culture, the Royal Ontario Museum’s permanent and temporary exhibits allow us to explore the global intertwined experience of natural science, civilization and humanity through its collections and programs. Through our partnership, our school’s Grades 5 and 6 students are provided with memberships to the Museum in order to access this world class facility throughout the year.

The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre is a vibrant focal point of Toronto’s downtown. In addition to being the bricks and mortar in which we are housed, it provides fitness and social activities for our school’s children and their families. We enjoy fantastic access to the MNJcc’s gymnasium, pool, chapel, and theatre. Our Buddy Program with the Thomas & Marjorie Schwartz Preschool and intergenerational programs and activities with the Active 55+ group enrich our school’s curriculum and sense of community. In addition, our partnership helps us enjoy and take advantage of the MNjcc’s extra-curricular activities and programming, including their aftercare and ‘schools out’ programs.

One of North America’s pre-eminent medical, teaching and research institutions and celebrated for being a culturally inclusive facility, the Paul Penna DJDS Grade One children have been decorating the hospital’s Sukkah for over a decade. This yearly event helps our school contribute to the many members of the downtown and University hospitals’ communities that use the structure at Sukkot.


Together with this joyous, grassroots, downtown community, that builds a strong rooting in traditional and progressive Jewish life in Toronto, we co-host and sponsor holiday and cultural events for children throughout the school year.

CampGesher (1)

Part of the Habonim Dror Youth Movement, Camp Gesher is a small Jewish overnight camp located in Ontario that promotes Jewish and Israeli history and culture. Together, we co-host community holiday events for children throughout the year.




First Narayever Congregation is a warm and welcoming Jewish traditional egalitarian synagogue located a short walk from our school. Our classes visit their sukkah every year and we often co-partner on educational community events celebrating Jewish life in the downtown core.





Who says there are no green spaces let in the downtown core? We share the University of Toronto School’s large private field for our recess and occasional school-wide outdoor events. In addition, UTS high school students visit our classes to help with lessons.