Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School provides children and their families an open door to diverse Jewish life and education in a unique downtown community. We strive to deliver an excellent Jewish and general education for students and further focus thoughts and actions on social justice and critical thinking.


Graduates of Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School will have a strong Jewish identity, deep sense of curiosity, and commitment to social justice that enables them to make a positive impact, not only on their Jewish community but also on their local, Canadian and global communities. Their families will actively engage in this journey, extending the impact our graduates create in repairing the world.


  • Community (Kehillah) | Our school is a community unto itself, built around shared values and a shared commitment to excellence.
  • Diversity (Migvan) | We believe in the intrinsic value of diversity both within and beyond the Jewish community. We welcome and honour Jewish children and their families from across the broad spectrum of practice and engagement.
  • Individuality (Yechudiut) | We value each and every child as a one-of-a-kind member of our community and aspire to help all children reach their highest levels of academic, social, creative, spiritual and emotional achievement.
  • Israel (Yisrael) | We build connections with and celebrate the ongoing relationship with the language, people, places, history and heritage of Israel.
  • Learning (Limud) | We prize learning in both general and Jewish studies as a rigorous, integrated, artistic and collaborative process.
  • Place (Makom) | Our school is reflective of and energized by the special, vibrant character of Downtown Toronto.
  • Social Justice (Tikun HaOlam) | We believe that our students are the inheritors of Judaism’s ongoing commitment to social justice and social action.


Paul Penna Downtown
Jewish Day School
750 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2J2
(Located in the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre)


(416) 928-3537