Both of my kids are at Paul Penna. One is about to graduate and one has many more years to go. We are thrilled with the education they are receiving. The teachers, admin and staff are caring, kind and generous. We are grateful to be part of this wonderful community.
– Karen Rosen, School Parent

Paul Penna is more than a school for me and my family, it is our community. My youngest son is in grade three and my eldest son recently graduated from the school. Now that my oldest son is in middle school I can say that he was not only well prepared academically, but the school also provided him with critical thinking skills and a commitment to social justice that are equally important.
– Leora Schaefer, School Parent

My wife and I send both of our kids to Paul Penna. We live in the East end, and despite that, we have found an amazing educational and community experience for our family.
– Jonathan Litwack, School Parent

As a parent and a faculty member I am so pleased to be part of this community. My children have really grown and learned at this school. Their academic, social and spiritual selves have all been nurtured. I only wish my children had started here earlier!
– Amy Platt, Principal and School Parent

My son is in Grade 1 and my daughter is in Grade 4 at Paul Penna. We are thrilled with the education they are receiving as well as the incredible feeling of community at the school. Each child understands how important they are as a member of their classroom community and of our downtown Jewish community – and our city and more!
– Andrea Heckler, School Parent

We have two (soon to be three) kids at Paul Penna, and are thrilled with the school. It’s a warm, caring community; the faculty are talented and dedicated; and the curriculum is challenging, fun, and integrates Jewish values in a meaningful way.
– Naomi Loewith, School Parent

We send our two children here, a fantastic school community that really teaches how to be a mensch. If you are looking for a high quality Jewish education make sure you look closely at the school, it has been a fantastic decision for our family.
– Daniel Stern, School Parent

My wife and I are extremely happy with PPDJDS.
– David Blumberger, School Parent