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Flowing from Pre-School to Day School

Drop off and pick up.  One of the most stressful times of day for parents.  And, if you’ve got kids of different ages in different schools, some days this can feel overwhelming and unmanageable.  Good news.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  With the incredible childcare and pre-school programs available at the Miles Nadal JCC, children can start as early as 18 months and continue through to JK.  From there, it’s a seamless transition upstairs for SK through Grade 6 to continue their Jewish education at Paul Penna DJDS.

For many families, like the Rothschild’s, being able to have both kids – one in elementary and the other in preschool – in the same place makes life easier.

“We live in the east end of the city and wanted to provide our kids with a Jewish education,” says Denes Rothschild. “Finding a place that could provide childcare, as well as an elementary education rooted in Jewish learning and tradition, was a top priority for us.  And, while it’s a big undertaking to get from the east end to the JCC every day, it’s possible because both kids are going to and from the same place.”

The Rothschild’s started their daughter Simone, now in Grade 1, at the Libbie Cowan Childcare Centre at the JCC at 18 months in daycare.  Impressed with the school, particularly the wonderful teachers and Simone’s progress, they started Ben there too when he turned 18 months.  Ben is now in JK, part of the Thomas & Marjorie Schwarz Preschool Centre, and will be ‘moving upstairs’ to Senior Kindergarten at Paul Penna DJDS in the fall. They also both partake in the other fantastic activities available at the JCC, including the Suzuki music program and various swimming programs.

“Both of our kids enjoyed the daycare and preschool programs,” says Denes, “and staying in the same building made for an easy transition to elementary school – for all of us. Not to mention that the amazing quality of the teachers in the preschool are clearly matched by those at Paul Penna, and that the individual attention to the students at Paul Penna is extraordinary and far exceeds what we could expect at any other school.”

When siblings are at school in the same building, it makes it easier for parents, but there are significant benefits for the kids as well.

“Just the other week, Simone was feeling a little down and wanted to see her brother.  Because there is integration between the schools, Simone was able to go visit her brother, give him a hug and ultimately brighten right up.”

One-stop pick up and drop off, seamless transition between preschool and elementary school, and a rich Jewish learning experience are just some of the reasons families choose the Miles Nadal JCC daycare and preschool programs and Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School.  To discover your reasons, book a tour today.  We look forward to welcoming you to our school.


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