Kangaroo Math

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Lincoln Centre Pop-Up Classroom

Tune in for your daily dose of creativity! Led by some of world’s best artists and educators, each creative learning activity utilizes simple materials found at home to help families with children explore a variety of art forms.

Educode – Computer Science and Coding

Don’t miss these video micro-lessons which break down complex computer science concepts info fun and engaging exercises!

Want More Math? Problem Solved

Browse a wide range of mathematical problem solving challenges presented by the Univerisity of Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing.

Hot Docs on Demand

Feel like learning through film? Hot Docs has an impressive offering of documentaries, mostly geared toward students in Grades 7-12.

Coding from Scratch

Up your coding game! If you are ready to move your coding skills to the next level, Scratch has some great tips and tools. What can you create?

News for Kids

News for Kids shares real news, told simply for children. Kids can keep up to date on world events in a safe way by getting their news from this site.

Bata Shoe Museum

The World at Your feet! Check out this 3-minute video about men and the rise of the sneaker culture.