Our highly capable and caring faculty inspire our students on a daily basis.

Our general studies teachers are all certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). In addition to the required undergraduate degrees, the majority of our staff have Master’s Degrees.  Most of our staff have also pursued further expertise with multiple Additional Qualifications (AQ) courses. Many are Hebrew speakers, which allows them to integrate Jewish Studies and practices across the curriculum.

Our Hebrew teachers are certified teachers, either through the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) or the Centre for Jewish Education (CJE). Their knowledge of Hebrew, combined with their deep understanding of the most current approaches in language instruction, creates an exciting classroom experience.

Students in SK through Grade 3 have Associate Teachers, many of whom are certified teachers. These staff members work closely with our teachers to ensure that the needs of all of our students are met in the best possible way.

Our arts specialists have had professional careers as artists and musicians. Through their talent and experience, they provide the guidance and inspiration that enable our students to develop important skills and to explore new and creative forms of artistic expression.


Paul Penna DJDS provides our children with an education that tells them, shows them and involves them. The words integrated and arts-based are meaningful. The magic that happens in our classrooms is created by our magnificent teachers and supported by dedicated staff. The school’s commitment to inspiring curiosity, honouring diversity and creating community is alive in everything that happens in our gem of a private school. Creative methodology, rooted in Jewish values, sends our children out into the world as well-prepared, independent, free-thinking young people.

Danielle Keystone-Adler,  Past President

Karen Rosen, President

Daniel Stern, Treasurer

Rebecca Fisch, Secretary

David Blumberger

Alicia Richler Kalman

Jon Litwack

Naomi Loewith

David Moyal, PA Co-President

Jay Rosenthal

Juda Strawczynski

Danielle Keystone-Adler

Kathy Bennett

Marlene Taube-Schiff, PA Co-President

If you are interested in joining a Board committee or have further questions about the Paul Penna DJDS Board of Directors, please contact Karen Rosen at boardpresident@djds.ca.


Paul Penna Downtown
Jewish Day School
750 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2J2
(Located in the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre)


(416) 928-3537