Paul Penna DJDS provides our children with an education that tells them, shows them and involves them. The words “integrated” and “arts-based” are not fiction. The magic that happens in our classrooms is created by our magnificent teachers and supported by dedicated staff. The school’s commitment to inspiring curiosity, honouring diversity and creating community is alive in everything that happens in our gem of a private school. I believe that creative methodology, rooted in Jewish values, sends our children out into the world as well-prepared, independent, free-thinking young people.

Danielle Keystone-Adler, President

Board of Directors

Danielle Keystone-Adler, Co-President and Chair
Jay Rosenthal, Co-President
Karen Rosen, Vice-President
Tanya Kirsch, Treasurer
Daniel Stern, Secretary

Andrea Heckler-Aboodi, PA Co-Chair

Rebecca Fisch
Ravit Kadosh
Alicia Richler Kalman
Doreen Levine

Naomi Loewith

Scott McGrath

Elisse Peltz, PA Co-Chair
Leora Schaefer


If you are interested in joining a Board committee or have further questions about the Paul Penna DJDS Board of Directors, please contact Danielle Adler at